The Museum
Pollock’s Toy Museum occupies two houses joined together in the heart of Fitzrovia, one 18th century, one 19th; the rooms are small and connected by narrow winding staircases. The whole place exudes atmosphere and evocations of those special times of childhood. Every corner is filled with visual delights and no matter which direction you look new surprises are there to behold.
Staircase 1
Board Games
Room 1
Optical, mechanical and construction toys
Room 2
English tin toys; puppets
Room 3
Wax and composition dolls
Room 4
Teddy bears, lead miniatures, doll’s houses
Staircase 2
Folk toys from Europe
Room 5
Dolls of china, wood, fabric, celluloid.
Tableau: 1900 young girls’ nursery1
Staircase 3
English dolls; folk toys from around the world
Room 6
Toy theatres. Tableau: 19c. toy theatre workshop
Ground floor
Pollock’s Toyshop
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