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FREDA and William ( never parted )
William c.1910, Freda has a bisque head on an older leather body and was originally a wax doll.

Toy Bears with all four paws firmly on the ground, have been in toy cupboards for over a century; but it was not until 1903 that the TEDDY BEAR was born. In November 1902 a political cartoon appeared in the Washington Post showing Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear cub while on a hunting expedition in Mississippi. The cartoon was so popular that prints were made of it. Morris Nichom, an enterprising small store owner in New York, cut out a plush toy based on the bear cub picture, and got the President’s permission to call it ‘Teddy’s Bear’. It was an instant success. The Teddy Bear’s arrival was well timed. His birth coincided with a new appreciation of the role of soft toys in a young child’s development; and provided an acceptable ‘doll for boys’. The unique success of the bear is evident in almost every family. It is almost always THE toy which is kept from childhood. Many of the bears now residing at Pollock’s carry scars from generations of affectionate owners, whilst others have been the devoted companions of a single owner for sixty years or more and are now in a more restful retirement.
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